Sindija Bokane

When I heard of this shirt, I immediately was curious to try it and see how I feel in it on days when I know that I will have to work sitting by the computer for long hours. In the beginning, I always reminded myself that I’m wearing a special posture and shoulder correcting shirt, but forgot about it during the day... I definitely see a difference when I’m wearing the shirt and when not. Results are tangible if the shirt is worn regularly and for a longer time. I’m particularly happy about the sturdy material of the shirt and the cleaning is easy. Even after washing it in the washing machine, it is still going strong!

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Elina Mikelsone

The main unique quality of this shirt is that while wearing it you can’t feel that something specific is being done to improve the posture. It feels just like a normal T-shirt. However, when you take it off, you can feel that something has changed. I have already recommended it to my friends and acquaintances. I also heard that a surgeon got this as a gift and then bought these shirts for the rest of his family!

Ivars Ozols

Correcty shirt is the one thing that helps me not turn to prescription medicine. I suffer from displacement of dorsal vertebrae and because I’m on my feet at work the whole day, I get very tired, tense and soar. My wife had read reviews about these shirts so I decided to buy it. I’m very happy with this purchase because the shirt is comfortable, doesn’t cause any itching and feels pleasant on the skin. If beforehand I was wearing a belt and felt discomfort, now I’m not even aware that I’m wearing something that supports me and helps me so much. I highly recommend this to anyone who has back problems, I think my mother and brother should get these shirts because there’s a lot of hard, physical work on the farm.

Elga Anna Stasko

My husband has had back problems for a long time and while working he feels discomfort and even pain. He had read that the Correcty T-shirt helps to prevent fatigue and back pain, as well as muscle pains and also decrease the pathological deterioration of joints. We trusted the information and bought the shirt. My husband says that since he’s been wearing the shirt it’s even been much easier for him to breath. It is comfortable. Now the shirt is worn out and we’re thinking of buying a new one, and this time also for me, because I feel like I’m needing that kind of support now.

Kaspars Vjaters

This T-shirt pleasantly surprised me! I work >7h by the computer every day and a slumped back is a constant problem for me. The very first day of wearing it I already could feel the shirt pulling by shoulders back and I started sitting up straight. I recommend this to everyone, it truly is an invaluable purchase.

Kristina Mahimovicha

Thank you! A working day has passed most wonderfully. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve sat straight by the computer the whole workday! I really do think about my posture during the day. I definitely recommend this to others!

Julija Cihacheva

A huge thanks for the T-shirt. I got it as a gift and now I can’t even understand how I did without it. It is very comfortable and convenient for work or even just for daily wear. Highly recommend.

Inna Stanislavovna

I have been wearing the T-shirt for 2 weeks, I really like that it constantly reminds me that I have to hold my back correctly. In my lifetime I have worn various different back correctors, but they all were uncomfortable to wear and quite constricting. The T-shirt on the other hand is very comfortable. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to others. On the days that I don’t wear the T-shirt I’m reminding myself to sit straight behind the computer

Linda Kurdrjaceva

I’ve had a slumped back ever since my teenage years and this shirt reminds me to hold my back straight, plus it looks great!

Miezisu Marite

It’s ergonomic, a great purchase!